56.CHEMICAL BONDING (3)- Covalent Bonding(2)- VBT (2)

The Valence bond theory (VBT) is one of the theories which explains the formation of the covalent bond. It is based on the assumption that atomic orbitals overlap and form a bond.The electrons are shared between two atoms and the bond represents the region where the overlap occurs – the region with maximum electron density….

55.CHEMICAL BONDING (2)- Covalent Bonding(1)- VBT (1)

Bonding in molecules forms the basis of elucidating the structure of molecules , which in turn dictates the properties of substances.In this post we shall learn about second kind of primary bonds – The Covalent/Molecular Bonds. P2. THE COVALENT ┬áBOND. This bond is due to sharing of electron pairs between atoms.The atoms involved have same/similar…